24/7 Shuttle Ride Service To/From RDU Airport - Call 919-599-8100

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your reservation  six hours prior to the pickup time if your pickup time is between 0901am to  0759pm.If your pickup time is  between 0800pm to 0900am you have to cancel 12 hours before the pickup time . 8% of credit card payment charges will apply . For all return trip tickets, you can cancel six hours prior to pickup time and use the ticket within three months for the same service. However if your flight delayed or cancelled you can reschedule your ride by calling us before we assign drivers. ( It is your responsibility to provide us the correct flight number)

Please  call 9195998100 for cancellation requests.

All refund requests and disputes must be emailed to cs@skyshuttleride.com. Customer Service 9195996800. Please do not call dispatch line 9195998100 for refunds and disputes.

Cancellations by Sky Shuttle Inc:

Although we try our best to serve uninterrupted, we reserve the right to cancel reservations anytime due to unforeseen circumstances.  In any unlikely event like that, we will try our best to contact you to notify the cancellation.  It is your responsibility to provide us a reliable contact method such as a working cell phone number, and to get connected.  In any event no compensations are given.  For pre-paid customers, the payment will be fully refunded.