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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


RDU airport requires you to be present at the airport 1 hour before the flight time for the domestic flights and 2 hours before the international flights. Please schedule your pick up times accordingly, on inbound . You may choose shorter time at your own risk. Normally on out bound if you have check in bags schedule 20 minutes after flight landing time.

On shared ride, van will arrive in 15 minutes window. You should have little flexible schedule to ride on shared van. However you may choose tighter schedule at your own risk. Our goal is to have only one stop on shared rides to save your time.

Payment All online reservations, out of town trips, late night out bounds should be prepaid. Please print your receipts and provide to the driver.

Sky Shuttle


This is to inform that this site is owned and operated by Sky Shuttle Inc., owner and operator of RDUSkyshuttle.com, Skyshuttleride.com.

By using the shuttle service directly or indirectly from Sky Shuttle Inc., and accepting the disclaimer you agree to be bound to the following terms & conditions:


Terms and Conditions

Sky Shuttle Inc. offers shuttle service from and to RDU airport within mainland USA.   Products and services provided by Sky Shuttle Inc. are bound by following current terms and conditions. Further, Sky Shuttle Inc. is not accountable for any issues arising from a service provided by any other affiliated parties other than the ones booked through the online reservation system on this website. If you disagree or these terms and conditions fail to satisfy you, your authorization to use this site or related services ends, and thus please leave the site immediately.

In no event will Skyshuttle Inc, and its affiliates be liable for any damages whether consequentially, directly, incidentally, or indirectly arising out of the services provided.


Customer Service

In order to keep our fares low, we don’t provide 24/7 customer service.  If you need to contact us for compliments, complains, refunds or any other non-reservation related matters, please call us 919-599-6800 or email at cs@skyshuttleride.com.  Please don’t call dispatch line  regarding these matters.


Reservation Process

Travel reservations can be made through online reservation system or through phone.  For reservations completed online, you will receive an email for confirmation with payment options.  If the client doesn’t receive the confirmation email, it is the client’s responsibility to notify us.  Further, the information you entered/requested for the reservation would be displayed in the confirmation email, and if any of the information is inaccurate it is your responsibility to notify us and get them corrected.

Cancellations and amendments of any reservation are subjected to cancellations fees as describes below.  Further, reservations are not transferrable.

Payment options for reservations booked curbside are varied and are dependent on location.


Clients are required to pay at the time of booking to secure advance reservations. Charges at the time of the reservations are refundable according to the cancellation policy listed below.

Skyshuttle Inc employees reserve the right to request personal identification from their clients.  Skyshuttle Inc would not be able to provide the service the reservation, if the personal identification does not match the information given by them at the time of the reservation.

Payment Receipt

After paying through the online payment system, you should receive a payment receipt. Your transaction will show on your statement as “Sky Shuttle Inc”.   Please print this and show it to the driver. If not, you could opt to show the payment receipt on your electronic device (i.e on your phone, iPad etc).  It is your responsibility to keep a copy of the receipt for your record.  Further, the service providing driver would also provide you a printed receipt which you need to sign and date upon the beginning of the service.

All the requests for receipts after travel date must be done within 30 days of the travel date and would be available for a $5 fee.


Amendment Fees

Amendments for your reservations are accepted without any fees if it is done by calling Sky Shuttle Inc. on or before 30 minutes prior to the pick-up time and date.  Amended reservations have to be completed within 3 months of the original travel date.

Amendments cannot be done after the reserved pick up time and date, and would be considered as a cancellation.


Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees are not applicable for amendments that were occurred due to flight delays if rescheduled before pick up time.  In case of any delays of arrivals of the client at scheduled pick up time, we make every effort to make contact with the client by phone, however, if any of the information given by the client is inaccurate, and if the driver couldn’t contact the client within a reasonable time, no refunds are given.  It is the client’s responsibility to contact us to notify us possible delays, and reschedule within the specified time period.

Request for cancellation has to be done by email and should be received by Sky Shuttle Inc.  by up to six hours before the pick-up time and date, and are subjected to  8% cancellation fee.

No refunds are given for the requests for cancellations done less than 6 hrs  prior to the scheduled pick up time and date.

No refunds are given for non-shows, and cancellations after the scheduled pick up time.


Cancellations by SkyShuttle Inc:

Although we try our best to serve uninterrupted, we reserve the right to cancel reservations anytime due to unforeseen circumstances.  In any unlikely event like that, we will try our best to contact you to notify the cancellation.  It is your responsibility to provide us a reliable contact method such as a working cell phone number, and to get connected.  In any event no compensations are given.  For pre-paid customers, the payment will be fully refunded.



Skyshuttle Inc cannot be held responsible for any claims exceeding the paid amount by the client.  If Skyshuttle Inc couldn’t deliver the service, client might be responsible only up to the amount paid.  In any event, claim cannot exceed the amount paid by the client for reservation.

It is clients responsibility to check and keep their belongings including luggage and other items with them in and out of the vehicle.  Skyshuttle Inc or its employees are not responsible for the items lost or left in the shuttle.

Use Policy

Users of this site are represented and warranted to be 18 years or older, and possess the legal ability to terms of the listed terms and conditions of this site.  Users of this site agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Skyshuttle Inc and its officers, directors, agents, employess  and affiliates from and against claims, damages, demands, proceedings, suits, actions,  losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees arising out of or resulting from the use of this site, services or in connection with performance of the work described in the agreement.

Although we take every effort to make this site error free, this site may contain inaccurate or typological errors.  Skyshuttle Inc may change or improve the content of the site any time without any notice.  Skyshuttle Inc offers no warranties as to the accuracy and completeness of the content of the site, and use of the site is at your own risk.  The content of the site is “as is” and without warranty of any kind either express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of expectation of privacy, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, or title. In no event will SkyShuttle Inc, and its officers, directors, agents, employees  or its affiliates be liable for any damages whether consequential, direct, incidental, indirect or otherwise arising from or connected with the use of the Site or any of its content.

When you provide us the information for your travel, you are responsible for the accuracy of the information; we agree to use that information according to our privacy policy listed below.  Although we take necessary actions to safeguard to secure your information, we are not responsible for the acts of unauthorized access to your private information.  In no event will Skyshuttle Inc, and its affiliates be liable for any damages whether consequentially, directly, incidentally, or indirectly arising out of or any way connected with a third party’s unauthorized access to your information.


All our shuttles are kept clean and to the highest standards.  No smoking is allowed all the times in our shuttles.

Skyshuttle Inc reserve the right to deny embarkation to the shuttles in any event that the driver determines necessary (e.g. misbehaved travelers).  No refunds are given in those circumstances, and if there would be any damages, prosecution and damage claims could be done by SkyShuttle Inc.


Skyshuttele Inc’s shuttle  services, design, code, graphics, and content of this web page are protected by copyright and by intellectual property laws.   It should be noted that unauthorized use of them without prior written authorization is in breach of the related law. Unless clearly stated in writing, Skyshuttle Inc and its’ affliated do not permit anyone to use properties related  to trade marks, or commercial information displayed.

The SkyShuttle Inc reserves the right to amend, alter, or terminate this terms and conditions at any time.